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What conference sessions are meant for those new to this space?

Get up to speed on foundation essentials by attending the following sessions:

Tuesday, October 17th

SESSION: Foundations 101: Intro to Philanthropy and Foundation Administration

1:15 PM – 2:30 PM 
Hear an overview of the nonprofit sector and where foundations fit in. Learn about some key administrative pieces to get into place before you get started and how your foundation’s strategy impacts those decisions.

Learning Objectives:

  •    Restate the common and legal distinctions among foundations and nonprofits
  •    Recognize the necessity for developing strategy and its effect on administrative work

This session is hosted by YPTC.

SESSION: Foundations 101: Grantmaking Basics

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Grantmaking basics include more than just developing or following a grantmaking cycle. Lean funders have more tools in their toolbox for making an impact with their giving. Gain insight on focusing your funding, designing a grantmaking program driven by learning, and streamlining your work.

Learning Objectives:

  •    Identify the key steps in creating impact in your giving
  •    Learn about resources to help you streamline your grantmaking work

This session is hosted by Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd.

Wednesday, October 18th

SESSION: Foundations 101: Legal Basics

9:00 AM – 10:15 AM
Hear an overview of all private foundations rules, from filing the Form 990-PF to public disclosure rules and the self-dealing rules. This survey of the rules will empower you to know when to raise questions with a legal professional.

Learning Objectives:

  •    Identify simple ways to follow the public disclosure rules
  •    Restate the definition of disqualified persons and the three steps to identify potential self-dealing

This session is hosted by Adler & Colvin.

SESSION: Foundations 101: Investment Management Oversight

10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
For those running a foundation, it’s important to understand the board’s fiduciary duties and how to manage investment work, whether or not you’re working with an investment advisor. Learn how the investment policy statement serves as a guide and hear about financial tools that extend your grantmaking.

Learning Objectives:

  •    Repeat four ways to get the work done and begin identification of the method that works best for your foundation
  •    Discuss how investment policy statements serve as the roadmap to sensible investment decision-making

This session is supported by Glenmede.

SESSION: Foundations 101: Governance Basics

2:00 PM – 3:15 PM
Learn ways trustees and staff can ensure smooth board operations and minimize the impact of change. We’ll review key administrative tasks to maintain the board’s structure and operations, including putting into place important documents, orienting board members, and setting term limits.

Learning Objective:

  •    Identify administrative tasks that, when taken care of, maintain the workings of the board both structurally (i.e. foundation documents) and operationally (i.e. term limits and orientation)

This session is hosted by BNY Mellon.

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