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The Best of Both Worlds: Using Private Foundations and Donor Advised Funds

This guide is for professional advisors whose clients want to formalize their charitable giving through a giving vehicle such as a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or a private foundation. Experienced professional advisors know that helping clients find the best giving vehicle available for them creates a win-win situation. The clients will be happier with a vehicle that is a... Read More

An Introduction to Giving Circles

Giving circles have often been called do-it-yourself philanthropy because of their flexible and customizable structures. They are part of a long tradition of collective giving, which, over time, has included mutual aid societies in many immigrant communities and voluntary groups, such as fraternities and sororities, the Rotary Club, and Lions Clubs. Giving circles also have... Read More

Creating and Running a Giving Circle

The following guidelines, adapted from the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers’ Giving Circles Knowledge Center, can be a useful checklist for decision making when creating and running a giving circle. It is unnecessary to follow these guidelines in order; for example, some newly launched giving circles already may have a focus or a host... Read More

The Universe of Giving Structures

You’ll be more successful in choosing an appropriate giving vehicle if you start with your vision for your philanthropy and let the structure follow. Begin by identifying your philanthropic goals, the activities you want to engage in, and your tax priorities. We strongly recommend that you work with a professional advisor to decide which giving... Read More

Starting a Private Foundation

Private foundations play an important role in communities across the country—filling the shelves of food pantries, employing directors of youth centers, advocating for human rights, and much more. Opportunities abound for you to make a difference through private foundation giving. How do you determine if a private foundation is right for you? Know the field... Read More

Our Family Foundation’s Approach To Trust-Based Philanthropy

One of our grantees said the greatest gift you can give another person is trust. When I started thinking about how to share our experiences with trust-based philanthropy, my first thought was to hear our grantees’ perspectives. This defines our philanthropic philosophy: working collectively to inspire possibility, innovation and sustainable outcomes. Engaging in trust-based philanthropy... Read More