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Finding Focus, Honoring Values

The past 10 years have been exciting ones for the Hill-Snowdon Foundation and the Snowdon family. For 40 years prior, we acted as a typical family foundation, coming together once a year to nominally approve grants recommended by family members. We funded some wonderful organizations reflecting the varied interests of the family, but you would... Read More

PRIs: A Powerful Tool for Grantmakers

Program related investments (PRIs) are loans or other investments made by a foundation to support its charitable purpose. PRIs count toward a foundation’s distribution requirement as long as they meet a few basic requirements, and the best part is that the funds generally are returned to the foundation to be used for other PRIs or... Read More

PRIs: Smart Grants for Down Markets

Program related investments (PRIs) are a special type of grant that gained popularity during the Great Recession to preserve endowment assets while pursuing a charitable mission. PRIs are program tools like grants and should not be confused with other forms of socially responsible investing in which producing financial return is a priority. How does a... Read More

Program Related Investments: Leverage Your Assets for Greater Impact

A program related investment (PRI) is a loan, loan guarantee, or other type of investment made by a foundation to support a charitable purpose, and is a powerful and flexible tool to add to your foundation’s toolkit. A PRI can be counted toward a foundation’s distribution requirement as long as it meets the following federal... Read More

Understanding Nonprofit Financials

A fairly simple review using any of the following sources will give you information about a nonprofit’s finances. As you get more comfortable with financials or seek detailed information about particular organizations, you can examine financials more extensively: Charity rating services—These Web-based rating services are great starting points for information about nonprofits you are considering.... Read More