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Is This Self-Dealing? Three Questions to Ask

With self-dealing rules that are sometimes confusing, can a small foundation determine whether a potential transaction constitutes self-dealing? It can! Apply these three straightforward questions to any situation. Does the transaction involve a disqualified person? The Internal Revenue Service defines a disqualified person as one of the following: Officers, directors, trustees, and others with similar... Read More

Is Our Foundation Likely to Experience an IRS Audit?

Less than one-quarter of 1% of all tax returns filed by private foundations are examined by the Internal Revenue Service. Yet, certain states have seen an increase in attorney general inquiries (i.e., audits) into the operations of private foundations and components of the Form 990-PF, which usually accompanies a state filing. Attorney general audits can... Read More

Foundation Bylaws

Exponent Philanthropy cannot offer sample bylaws—there are many state variations and characteristics and needs of individual foundations—but the following overview does describe common sections and what a foundation board might expect within its own bylaws: Name—In some states, the first section gives the name of the foundation or other similar details required by state corporate... Read More

Form 990-PF Tax Tips

The Form 990-PF is a complex, public document private foundations file annually with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to help ensure that they are fulfilling their charitable purposes. As a general policy, a foundation should try to file its Form 990-PF by the due date (i.e., the 15th day of the 5th month after the... Read More

Webinar Recording
Self-Dealing and Conflicts of Interest

Self-dealing is prohibited; conflicts of interest can be managed. But the intricacies of the two can be confusing. In this webinar, led by attorney Darren B. Moore of Bourland Wall & Wenzel, find clear, easy-to-follow steps to help you recognize each, avoid self-dealing, and manage conflicts of interest. Learn the laws, discuss common situations and... Read More

Foundations 101 Virtual Seminar: Legal Basics

This legal basics module of the Foundations 101 virtual seminar, offers an overview of all private foundations rules, from filing the Form 990-PF to public disclosure rules and the self-dealing rules. This survey of the rules will empower you to know when to raise questions with a legal professional. By the end of this module... Read More