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Great Funder–Nonprofit Relationships Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help funders recognize the aspects of great relationships with your nonprofit partners, assess competencies, and consider ways to improve how to work with one another. Many ideas in this toolkit were generated by funders and nonprofits during a series of half-day programs around the country, hosted in partnership with the National... Read More

Ramping Up for High-Impact Philanthropy

This toolkit is for seasoned donors, donor advised fund holders, foundation trustees, and staff who are taking steps to significantly ramp up the impact of their giving. No longer content with just “making good grants” or “doing good things for the community,”  you have taken a fresh look at your goals, strategies, and outcomes and... Read More

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Rapid Learning to Reduce Risk and Build Trust

Taking on risky, large, or new projects when you are a small staffed foundation can be very challenging and seem aspirational. What if you could deploy a strategy to expand your giving, receive rapid and early validation to enable more confidence in your giving, all while investing in capacity- and relationship-building with your grantee partners?... Read More

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5 Steps to Ensure Your Grantmaking Will Have More Impact

Do you truly look at your grants as investments in maximizing the impact on social good? On this webinar, we’ll review five key areas of improvement for operational efficiency and effectiveness – all of which can be implemented swiftly. We’ll use the audience survey tool to find out about your practices. For example, are you... Read More