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Embracing Our Foundation’s Role as a Convenor

The Buhl Regional Health Foundation is a new health conversion foundation in Western Pennsylvania, situated on the Ohio state line. We convened a daylong community health forum last fall to connect community leaders and organizations, explore our evolving region, and identify opportunities to improve the region’s well-being. Over the past 30 years or more, our... Read More

7 Types of Successful Philanthropists

Understanding the type of funder you are, and matching with like-minded nonprofit leaders, is one of the most important building blocks to achieving your funding goals. As nonprofit development consultants, we create funder profiles to help our clients better understand the various types of philanthropists, and how to best engage them. What Type(s) Of Philanthropist... Read More

Hatred Never Takes a Day Off; Neither Should We

I grew up and spent most of my life in greater Boston. This included the 1970s when racial tension in the city was heightened by court-ordered bussing to desegregate the Boston City Schools. It was an ugly time for the region and a city so integral to the American Revolution. If I’m honest with myself,... Read More

You Don’t Need the Ruby Slippers

Many Americans don’t believe we matter in a system where powerful interests seem to make the rules. Almost half of eligible voters don’t even turn out for elections. Feeling powerless may be our most common self-deception, and our biggest danger. As leaders like Eric Liu remind us, we have tremendous power, if we recognize it... Read More

The Lonely Rural Funder’s Guide to Networking

Rural philanthropy requires a different kind of thinking and creativity from urban philanthropy. It stands to reason, then, that the networks rural funders build will look different from those that traditionally attract more urban-focused foundations. In my work researching and building rural philanthropy, I’ve seen two main types of foundations that describe themselves as “rural... Read More

Foundations Regroup to Meet Shifting Public Policy

Responding to dramatic changes in public policy in 2017, many foundation leaders have tailored their strategies and tactics in continued pursuit of their missions. Armed with clear focus, experience, and strong networks, these foundations are modeling good philanthropic practice that is worth noticing. Recently, dozens of funders gathered at Associated Grant Makers (AGM) to discuss... Read More