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Using Donor Advised Funds

Together with private foundations, donor advised funds (DAFs) are among the most commonly used vehicles for charitable giving. DAFs are accounts held within and managed by another organization, namely, a public charity known as a sponsoring organization. Like private foundations, DAFs offer substantial flexibility to the donor. DAF holders may choose a one-time donation or... Read More

What We Heard From Foundations During the Great Recession

In the wake of the dramatic economic downturn in 2008, Exponent Philanthropy heard the following from our conversations throughout 2009 with nearly 400 foundation members: Members stayed the course—Although most members shared concerns about the economy and discussed changes at their foundations in response, they also spoke of business as usual—or, to the best of... Read More

Why Our Small Foundation Gives Internationally

Why does Atkinson Foundation, a small-staffed funder, engage in grantmaking abroad? Locally we can make site visits, but that’s usually impossible when the project is in the Bolivian highlands, the Moroccan desert, the Brazilian rainforest, or a rural village in Eritrea or Honduras. Yet, overseas grants justify one-fifth of our foundation’s grantmaking and at least... Read More

Q&A With Foundations During the Great Recession

Three Exponent Philanthropy members shared how their foundations were forging ahead during the Great Recession of 2008: Henry Berman, president and trustee, The Edith Glick Shoolman Children’s Foundation, New York and Massachusetts; Billie Hall, president and CEO, Sunflower Foundation, Kansas; and Mari Brennan Barrera, vice president, Eos Foundation, Massachusetts. Where do you find energy and... Read More

Put Your Money Where Your Mission Is

“Foundations experience the moment at different times,” writes Jed Emerson in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. For the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, it was the 1980s; for the F.B. Heron Foundation, the mid-1990s. In both cases, the foundations recognized the division, even conflict, between their investments and their grantmaking. The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation focuses... Read More

Provide General Support or Not?

Project funding often is more appealing than general support funding because projects are time limited and focused. It is easier to evaluate whether a project has met its goals. In addition, project budgets are smaller than overall organizational budgets, and thus your grant provides a larger percentage of needed funds. Also, new projects make sense... Read More