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Creating Grant Guidelines

By communicating openly, you can build good relationships with potential partners from the start—and quickly help others move on to other funders. “It’s important to remember that our success as grantmakers depends on our grantees’ success,” says Exponent Philanthropy member Christine Elbel of The Fleishhacker Foundation. “If we can improve our processes, we’re contributing to... Read More

Embracing Unique Investment Opportunities

At The Triple EEE Foundation, we have used scrutiny of our investment managers and unique investment ideas to weather the recent economic storms and further our mission. Although our family foundation was created in 1993, I became very interested in foundation investing in 2000. That year, at an Exponent Philanthropy conference in Chicago, one of... Read More

How to Read Potential Grantees’ Financial Statements

The primary purpose of financial statements is to communicate the financial health of the grantee. A non-accountant should be able to understand a well- written statement. The balance sheet, a statement of position, views a grantee on a specific date. The income statement, a statement of activity, looks at a year’s operating activity. The statement... Read More