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Recruiting Foundation Trustees

When an open seat becomes available on your board, how do you decide who will fill it? Do you cross your fingers and hope for the best? Many small foundations rely on luck: filling the board with candidates who have the right last name or the right connection to the board. These candidates, though, might... Read More

Assessing Your Board

Board self-assessment is a process by which you objectively gather board members’ perspectives about how your foundation operates, compile what you learn, and report your findings to the full board so it can learn from the information, leverage successes, and address any shortcomings. In our experience, boards that make time for self-assessments tend to accomplish... Read More

Setting an Agenda Is Half the Battle

The content of an agenda is at the chair’s discretion, although all board members should have the privilege of placing items on the agenda for discussion or action. Board agendas should include at least the following: Approval of the previous meeting minutes—Even if you meet only once a year, you must do this approval. Try... Read More

Attending to Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing

Are you equipped to recognize conflicts of interest and acts of self-dealing? Are you ready to respond if you uncover either at your foundation? Start here, and if you have further questions after reading this article, don’t hesitate to call on Exponent Philanthropy. Recognizing conflicts of interest Conflicts of interest arise when foundation roles intersect... Read More

Technology Tools for Foundation Boards

To identify the technology that fits your foundation best, you’ll want to survey your board’s needs and the ever-changing technology resources available. You’ll also want to arm yourself with a good sense of your board’s tech-related strengths and shortcomings, working styles, and budget. Talking with other foundations about what works for them also may help.... Read More

Facilitation: Tools of the Trade for Grantmakers

Facilitation can and should be a key component of any grantmaker’s toolbox. According to Exponent Philanthropy members, a well-facilitated meeting: Sticks to an agenda Progresses smoothly Gets results Draws folks out Engages participants well Dissipates tense situations Increases participants’ buy-in Creates a space in which participants feel valued and important The ability to confidently and... Read More