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Evaluating Foundation Staff

Regular performance evaluations—at least once a year—can help staff improve their work. The board evaluates the foundation’s lead staff person (i.e., executive director, foundation administrator, CEO). In turn, the lead staff person evaluates other staff members and consultants (as applicable). In some cases, staff members evaluate themselves and then compare their assessments with their supervisor.... Read More

Assessing Your Board

Board self-assessment is a process by which you objectively gather board members’ perspectives about how your foundation operates, compile what you learn, and report your findings to the full board so it can learn from the information, leverage successes, and address any shortcomings. In our experience, boards that make time for self-assessments tend to accomplish... Read More

Attending to Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing

Are you equipped to recognize conflicts of interest and acts of self-dealing? Are you ready to respond if you uncover either at your foundation? Start here, and if you have further questions after reading this article, don’t hesitate to call on Exponent Philanthropy. Recognizing conflicts of interest Conflicts of interest arise when foundation roles intersect... Read More

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: A Funder Story

Three years ago, Ann Murray and I were having lunch and discussing our favorite subjects: family, friends, and community. Ann and I are married to first cousins who are lawyers and partners in a family law firm in collaboration with brothers, cousins, sons, and a daughter—nine Murrays total. Collectively, we have 30 children and 17... Read More

Board Assessment: Three Common Methods

The most effective boards engage in a continual process of self-assessment, that is, an evaluation of their performance. The assessment focuses on how you function as a board, not how you operate as a foundation. For some, this may be familiar thinking; for others, a board assessment provides a framework to think about how the... Read More

Board Retreats

A board retreat can be an excellent way to spend time on an issue too significant or time intensive to be handled properly within a normal meeting agenda. Many foundations hold board retreats on occasion (ranging from every year to every few years) to ensure that the board addresses important topics, such as the foundation’s... Read More