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Rescinding Grants

When should a foundation rescind a grant? How is the rescission accomplished? The obvious answer to the first question is that a funder should rescind a grant when the grantee fails to use the grant funds for the purposes for which the grant was made. Most commonly, such failure is because the grantee’s need for... Read More

Proposal Review

To make the time you spend on proposal review even more focused and efficient, it’s essential to invest a little time in preparation. This article describes both how to prepare and how to use a prescreening process—two steps to help you focus time on the proposals that most interest your foundation and be efficient in... Read More

Choosing the Right Grantees

With so many worthy options, how do foundations choose? The key is to find grantees that are right for your foundation—a match for your goals, your strategies, and your tolerance for risk. Start by taking stock For starters, look in the mirror. Is your foundation clear about its goals? Can you articulate your approach to... Read More

International Intermediaries

Nowadays, foundations rely on intermediaries to handle much of their grantmaking abroad (in dollar terms). Reputable intermediaries make it their business to meet federal regulations, such as determining the equivalency of a foreign charity and following antiterrorist financing guidelines. Taking care of these requirements eases the administrative burden of foreign grantmaking for U.S. foundations. Through... Read More