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How Lean Funders Are Responding to COVID-19

In April, Exponent Philanthropy fielded a survey to learn how our community is responding to COVID-19, and more than 900 lean funders responded. We’re still analyzing the data and further engaging respondents, but we want to share a high-level overview. Have lean funders changed their funding in response to COVID-19? In a word, yes. Nearly... Read More

Board room

Should Foundation Executive Directors Serve on the Board?

In the past, I was a nonprofit capacity building adviser, and this question came up often. The principles that applied to those charitable nonprofits can also help foundations. It’s useful to think of this question in two-parts: Should the executive director serve as a board member? Should the executive director be a voting or non-voting... Read More

My Mind Is Confused. My Heart Is Heavy.

For several days, I have struggled with how to make sense of what is happening in this country. I’ve heard commentators—black and white—prognosticate on what we must do, while trying to explain what brought us to today. I have read words from my colleagues in the philanthropic field, calling for action and offering heartfelt directions... Read More

An Open Letter From Exponent Philanthropy Board Chair, Paul Spivey

Dear Exponent Philanthropy members, For the past 25 years, I have been involved in philanthropy as an executive, board member and donor. The intense racial strife over the past couple of weeks has compelled me to share the following personal and professional anecdotes as well as suggested solutions. Frustration, anger and fatigue are all vehemently... Read More