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When and How to Partner with Philanthropic Advisers

To paraphrase the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, it’s easy to give away money. However, it’s much more difficult to know how and where to give it. Anyone who has managed a grantmaking program understands. Granting money is not difficult. Doing it effectively is another story. That’s why many leanly staffed foundations often enlist philanthropic advisers—organizations... Read More

Why We Started an Internship at Our Foundation

I have always been a fan of internships. I had several internships in college and remember them fondly. They exposed me to the “real world” and had a profound impact on my professional direction. So it was no surprise that about a year ago, when my program officer, Michael, and I started thinking of ways... Read More

Lending Support: Keeping Your End Users in Mind

Support, aid, assist, champion, encourage… however you put it, to support = to help. This is a subject I’m pretty passionate about. In fact, exceptional client service and support is our top priority here at Foundant, and we hire employees with this in mind. We can always train someone to use our grantmaking software, but... Read More

Please, If You Don’t Need It, Don’t Take It; If You Took It and Don’t Need It, Repay It

Recent press coverage has been rife with stories of public companies taking forgivable loans under the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP). In times of economic uncertainty, it’s understandable that many businesses quickly applied for whatever programs were available. But businesses with strong banking relationships crowded out many nonprofits from accessing the funding stream. The initial $349... Read More

Annual Board To-Dos: The Must-Have Checklist for Running a Foundation

What’s on the agenda for your board this year? Are you covering the bases of good governance? Maintaining a checklist of annual to-dos can be an easy way to keep your foundation up to date and on-track. A checklist for your board can serve as a reminder of your legal obligations and governance best practices.... Read More

How We Made a Small Foundation Internship Work

As one who is not far removed from the trials and tribulations of the modern day job search, I know how much an internship can help guide a jobseeker. I can attribute a nonprofit internship in college for guiding me to where I am today. Furthermore, as a Millennial at a small foundation, I yearn... Read More