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The Perpetuity Debate

For more than a century, philanthropists have debated whether a foundation should exist in perpetuity. Attitudes on this issue likewise vary among Exponent Philanthropy members. The following aims to provide a balanced summary of both arguments. Continue in perpetuity Donor intent—Many foundations were created to exist in perpetuity; spending now would go against the donor’s... Read More

Turning Your Next Board Retreat Into a Board Advance

A well-run board retreat energizes people and propels your foundation forward. Unfortunately, many board members approach retreats with about as much enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist. This dread often is justified: Lack of preparation, hidden agendas, or unproductive communication can make a retreat seem like a big step backward for the foundation. The... Read More

What To Do Today for Successful Succession

The National Center on Family Philanthropy (NCFP) finds that most donors don’t begin to think about succession in the earliest days of the foundation. Even donors with adult children at the time of start-up tend to delay thinking about the children’s involvement until a much later time. In both cases, the delay can be a... Read More

Working Together From a Distance

If your board becomes geographically dispersed, don’t let it daunt you. With the challenges come opportunities to fine-tune your foundation and address the dispersion in creative ways. Strategy 1: Revisit your foundation’s mission Geographic dispersion is a much bigger challenge than just keeping trustees in touch. It often calls into question the future of your... Read More

A Quick Guide to Foundation Bylaws

Bylaws are a must for any foundation. They specify the operations and rules of conduct for a foundation—how it will run and be managed. Every foundation that is formed as a corporation must have bylaws among its governing documents. Each state has its own specifications for content of the bylaws, and your foundation’s bylaws must... Read More

Annual Board To-Dos: A Checklist for Running a Foundation

The following checklist, designed for established foundations (not start-ups), offers recommended and legally required action items. We encourage you to make it your own. Governance Board meetings—Give notice, take care of business, hold elections, and set a meeting calendar (once per year at a minimum or more often, as appropriate). Meeting minutes—Take minutes and approve... Read More