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Sample Documents Library

Members of Exponent Philanthropy have access to a number of sample documents. From policies to position descriptions, these sample documents will save you time and resources. Browse the list.   Read More

Webinar Recording Making the Most of Your Membership

This webinar will cover concrete steps you can take today to discover the value of your membership, including finding answers to your questions, getting connected to your community, accessing resources to advance your philanthropic goals, and more.  Whether you’re just getting started with our community, navigating change within your organization, or looking to make a... Read More

Spring 2019: Engaging Your Board

Our highly rated quarterly publication for members provides a wealth of information and inspiration in one easy read. In this issue: How to Motivate a Board? Start With One-on-One Questions Can Shorter Board Terms Actually Increase Engagement? Get Out and Kick the Tires, Together Disrupt Bullying Board Members Ramp Up for High-Impact Philanthropy Make Space... Read More

How Small-Staffed Community Foundations Keep Donors Engaged And Satisfied

According to a 2014 Center for Effective Philanthropy report, donor satisfaction is key for retaining donors to community foundations. Simply put, “The strongest predictors of donor satisfaction are donors’ sense of the foundation’s level of responsiveness when they need assistance and donors’ perceptions of the foundation’s impact on the community.” Many small-staffed community foundations already... Read More

Disability-Inclusive Grantmaking

As philanthropists, we envision communities that value and support people in all their diverse manifestations. We promote equality of opportunity and equitable outcomes. Yet, when we talk about diversity and inclusive philanthropy, we often mention disability at the very end of a long list—if it gets mentioned at all. Many of us who work full... Read More