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From Our Work With 1,000 Funders, Here Are 3 Tips for Measuring Impact

There is no doubt that measuring impact is the hottest trend in philanthropy today. How can our organization track the outcomes our grants are having? How can we track more useful information to make better decisions? At Foundant, we hear iterations of these questions regularly. From working with almost 1,000 grantmakers, we’ve identified some steps you... Read More

Deep Listening Starts Here

Listening. It’s a skill we’ve been talking about a lot here at Exponent Philanthropy. Why? First, because we believe that listening is an essential skill for effective philanthropy. When—and only when—we listen deeply and humbly to those we serve, can we learn about their true needs and how we can partner most effectively to create... Read More

Three Levels of Listening

At Exponent Philanthropy, we believe that listening is an essential skill for effective philanthropy. Deep listening helps our members truly understand the needs of their community and cultivate connected and impactful relationships with others. At the same time, listening is a skill that very few of us are ever trained to do well. To become... Read More

Think “Perspective” for Effective Feedback Loops

By gaining the perspective of others, we broaden our own. Although this isn’t always an easy thing to do, it is almost always necessary to move forward, commit to continual improvement, and make an impact. Relying on our perspective Two years ago, Foundant introduced this tool for funding and evaluation strategies. Based on our experience... Read More

Bringing Health Innovation and Nonprofit Capacity Building To Rural Communities

In rural communities with little philanthropic history and endemic, embedded poverty, Janell E. Ray has quickly established two foundations as leaders in health innovation and nonprofit capacity building. Janell serves as CEO of the Pallottine Foundation of Huntington and Executive Director of the Pallottine Foundation of Buckhannon, two foundations in West Virginia that continue the... Read More

5 Ways Relationships Matter: Tips From Foundation Executive Directors

For a number of years, it has been our privilege to offer programming and resources geared to the unique needs of foundation executive directors. Most come to this work from outside philanthropy, through a mix of skill and serendipity, and work up, down, and across their organizations, often as sole-staffers or in very small offices.... Read More