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Is There an Ideal Career Path To Working at a Small Foundation?

There is no one path to having a career in leanly staffed foundations, as they operate in almost every locale in the nation. Still, there are qualities, skills and experiences that prepare people to effectively manage small foundation operations, engage boards, and leverage resources for impact. Patterns in Hiring First, let’s look at some career... Read More

Foundation Recordkeeping: A Quick Guide

Without a doubt, giving plenty of time and thought to your foundation’s recordkeeping system will pay off in the long run. In general, you should keep most foundation files of any significance for a minimum of 3 years. However, this can add up to a lot of paper! For one thing, if space is a... Read More

When and How to Partner with Philanthropic Advisers

To paraphrase the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, it’s easy to give away money. However, it’s much more difficult to know how and where to give it. Anyone who has managed a grantmaking program understands. Granting money is not difficult. Doing it effectively is another story. That’s why many leanly staffed foundations often enlist philanthropic advisers—organizations... Read More

Annual Board To-Dos: The Must-Have Checklist for Running a Foundation

What’s on the agenda for your board this year? Are you covering the bases of good governance? Maintaining a checklist of annual to-dos can be an easy way to keep your foundation up to date and on-track. A checklist for your board can serve as a reminder of your legal obligations and governance best practices.... Read More

Understanding the Modern Grantee Experience 

Grant applications are an important touchpoint for nonprofits and grantmakers alike. Recently, Blackbaud has been taking a hard look at the modern grantee experience for those who use our portal for grant applications. We wanted to know if the grantee portal afforded our funder clients the flexibility to get the information they needed, while also... Read More

Beyond Grants: How to Manage a Successful Private Foundation

A family private foundation creates a structure for charitable giving and a lasting legacy for the family, but it also comes with administrative burdens. Stephanie Yan, GHJ Managing Director and Private Foundation Practice Leader, talks to Pegine Grayson, Senior Vice President/Client Advisor, Director of Philanthropic Services at Whittier Trust, about the mundane but essential tasks... Read More