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Why Your Foundation Needs a Great Brand

What’s your foundation’s brand? Many foundations don’t recognize the value of investing in their brand. Yet, organizations that prioritize and integrate strategic communications into their core operations have a distinct advantage meeting their goals and executing their missions. What Is a Foundation Brand? Your foundation brand isn’t your logo. Your brand is the complex mix of... Read More

How a Grant Management System Can Streamline Your Giving

In today’s world, funders are constantly looking for ways to optimize their processes and streamline their work. As the needs of your communities evolve, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest technologies. One solution is to use a grant management system built for funders to help streamline your grantmaking lifecycle. In this blog post,... Read More

What Grantees Want: Publicizing Your Partners and Their Work

Do you actively publicize your grantee partners and the work they do? If not, you should strongly consider it. Whenever we field our Grantee and Applicant Perception Surveys (GAPS), respondents frequently express wanting funders and foundations to do more to publicize their organizations and work. The following anonymous quotes are a small sample of what... Read More

How Leanly Staffed Foundations Give Employees Health Insurance

After time off and retirement plans, health insurance is one of the most common benefits small-staffed foundations offer staff. Consider, in the 2023 Foundation Operations and Management Report, 78% of foundations offered health insurance for full-time staff. One of the most frequent topics on our Member Discussion Community is how to best go about securing... Read More