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How Racial Equity Supports Better Grantmaking Practices

This post originally appeared on the GrantCraft by Candid blog. Exponent Philanthropy is on a journey to understand, embrace, and champion racial equity. So, we’re embedding it in our programs and research. For instance, our 2020 Foundation Operations and Management Report explored the relationship between the relevance of racial equity to a foundation’s mission and some grantmaking... Read More

By Going on the Road Together, Our Foundation Board and Staff Travel Far

“You need to get out and kick the tires,” is one of two key phrases our founder, Stewart Kean, used frequently when advising his board at the 1772 Foundation before he passed away in 2003. The other was, “I want you to have fun.” Although these may seem to be casual statements, Stewart Kean actually was creating... Read More

Best Practices for Virtual Foundation Board Meetings

The idea of virtual board meetings has been around since conference calls first began. However, these often were only used as a last resort and gave way to board retreat weekends filled with activities, catered meals and a focus on community building. The goal of these activities is to help form strong relationships to help... Read More

The Benefits of Trustee Diversity

The Valentine Foundation actively recruits diverse trustees to serve on the board, make grants and oversee all aspects of the foundation’s mission. Phoebe Valentine inherited her wealth from Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals. When she was in her late 40s, Phoebe received a dire cancer diagnosis and decided to mobilize her wealth to help others. The first... Read More

Foundation Board Meetings: Basic Requirements and Strategies

Your board does the bulk of its work for your foundation at board meetings. So, it’s important to make every meeting count. The board may be fulfilling its mission and managing its responsibilities, but if meetings start and finish late, trustees aren’t prepared, or there never seems to be enough time to get everything done,... Read More

Foundation’s DEI Progress Reflects Its Place-Based Grantmaking

This post originally appeared as a GMA Foundations case study. The Theodore Edson Parker Foundation has a history of prioritizing its commitment to underserved groups in Lowell, Massachusetts, the city in which the foundation was established in 1944. But in order to really effect change and to more closely reflect an evolving and increasingly diverse... Read More