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Strategic Uses of Donor Advised Funds

Private foundations are a great way to give. And many foundations use multiple giving vehicles to accomplish their charitable goals. One of these vehicles is donor advised funds (DAFs). This primer looks at how DAFs work and how your foundation can use DAFs to further its philanthropic goals. It covers: How DAFs differ from private... Read More

Addressing Key Financial Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Five Strategies for Grantmakers

In its report On the Money, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations describes several financial challenges faced by nonprofits: Restrictions on funding—Despite the importance of infrastructure to nonprofits’ success, grantmakers overwhelmingly prefer to support the direct delivery of programs and services. The result is an underinvestment in the infrastructure nonprofits need to sustain and grow, such as... Read More

Awarding Multiyear Grants

Exponent Philanthropy members tell us multiyear grants offer important benefits: Less grantee time and labor to apply and report on grants Less funder time and labor to review applications and reports Greater security for grantees that allows them to look ahead to longer-term goals and plan accordingly A powerful seal of approval that helps grantees... Read More

Assessing Start-Up Organizations

A start-up is, simply put, an organization that is relatively new. Typical characteristics of a start-up include a strong commitment to the organization’s mission and to delivering services, a vision driven by the organization’s founder, an informal management infrastructure, a small and homogenous board with many members often performing day-to-day tasks for the organization, and... Read More

Disaster Grantmaking Principles and Considerations

You can make a difference before and after disasters in a variety of ways: Grants for relief—These grants can meet critical needs in the aftermath of disasters. Victims may need rescue, food, shelter, or clothing just to survive. This phase requires intensive activity but usually ends quickly—within a few days. Grants for recovery—Such grants can... Read More

Disaster Grantmaking Strategies

In the aftermath of major disasters, individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies—often from all over the world—give vast sums in response to compelling situations. What impact can small grants make when regions are devastated by disaster? “While we live in an age of large organizations and institutions, there are still many circumstances where small is... Read More