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How a Foundation Can Prepare Its Next Generation

Preparing your next generation to participate in a foundation goes beyond understanding the financial responsibilities of foundation giving. Hear the following recommendations from a foundation trustee—based on his personal experience—about preparing the next generation for board service. Several years ago, my family divided our family foundation, The Jules and Doris Stein Foundation, into four equal... Read More

Nonfamily Members on Family Foundation Boards

There can be tremendous benefits to a family foundation that invites one or more nonfamily members to its board. Nonfamily members can sometimes help the family make more objective grantmaking decisions. Family members also tend to behave differently in the presence of nonfamily members, helping to shift family dynamics that may be getting in the... Read More

Engage the Next Generation in Giving

As one 20-something involved in her family’s philanthropy shared: [It] has given me the perspective that doing good can really be a lifestyle and not just a one- or two-time event. I think that, once you catch the bug of doing good for the world, it doesn’t just stop with philanthropy. It molds the way... Read More

What’s Role Have to Do With It?

Role for our purposes is not your position as president or committee chair; rather, it is how you choose to behave to match the needs of a situation. Everyone holds multiple roles, adopting them almost without thinking. For example, parents play an impressive list of roles in situations with their children: confidante, disciplinarian, advocate, chauffeur.... Read More

Multigenerational Engagement in Philanthropy

The manager, a Baby Boomer, wants to schedule a meeting where she can sit across the table from her employees and discuss the latest project. Her longtime staff member from the World War II generation is ready to go, looking to share stories about what used to work well for the company. Her Millennial employees,... Read More

Tools for Philanthropic Families

Whatever your family’s goals for its giving, these tools and practices can help along the way. Working with consultants Beyond tax, legal, and investment matters, consultants can help your family in a variety of areas, including: Strategic planning, such as crafting a mission statement or planning for evaluation Board development, such as creating policies or... Read More