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Disaster Response: Connect, Collaborate, Consider, Communicate

Experts and experience have shown that the most effective grantmaking in response to a disaster follow the “Four Cs”: Connect with a good source of information about the disaster. Local organizations are already at the scene, know best what is needed, and understand the complex political, social, and cultural context. You might call on: The... Read More

Finding Focus, Honoring Values

The past 10 years have been exciting ones for the Hill-Snowdon Foundation and the Snowdon family. For 40 years prior, we acted as a typical family foundation, coming together once a year to nominally approve grants recommended by family members. We funded some wonderful organizations reflecting the varied interests of the family, but you would... Read More

Five Steps to Conducting Effective Site Visits

For small foundations and large foundations alike, conducting site visits often is an important step in deciding whether to fund a nonprofit. Being comfortable scheduling and conducting a site visit is an important skill. The following are steps you can take to maximize the site visit experience. Step 1 Establish a purpose. A site visit... Read More

It’s Not Enough to Know Your Grantee Is a 501(c)(3)

A 501(c)(3) organization is recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Private foundations and public charities are two main types of 501(c)(3) organizations. Public charities are then divided into three distinct categories. As a private foundation, it is important to know which specific category the potential grantee falls into; knowing a grantee is... Read More

Lessons on Evaluation From a Foundation Executive Director

A foundation executive director, I am sharing four lessons about how to evaluate outcomes more effectively. The points that follow are not complex ideas. To many, they probably seem obvious. As is often the case for me, the mere act of recording them provided me with new insights. Find the right approach for your work... Read More

Navigating Nonprofit Financials

With just a bit of time and effort to review nonprofits’ financials, you will get to know organizations better and choose those best equipped to create the changes you seek. Terms to know Assets represent what the nonprofit owns—Current assets are the sum of all assets that could be converted to cash in less than... Read More