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Suggestions for Family Staff

As the sole staff person of her family’s foundation, the Patrick Carney Foundation, Kate Larisa’s job has its share of challenges. Even if you’re part of the family, staffing a foundation can be lonely work. “I found it essential to form relationships with others and not be afraid to ask for help,” says Larisa. “If... Read More

Succession Planning: A Foundation’s Success Story

Five years ago, Sy Schwartz announced to his three grown children in their fifties that he wanted them to start giving money away. He would supply the family foundation with $175,000 for them to give collectively. If they did a good job and got along well, the money would increase the next year. Schwartz was... Read More

Promoting Youth Philanthropy in Your Community

Youth philanthropy describes diverse youth activities. Some associate youth philanthropy with young people making grants as members of junior boards to family foundations or advisors to community foundations. Others use the term to describe service learning in school or volunteering as part of a youth or religious organization. Fundraising for the benefit of another also... Read More

Making the Most of Succession

Exponent Philanthropy surveys our members regularly to learn about their grantmaking, governance, investments, and administration. We also learn what keeps our members up at night. What consistently tops the list? Succession, the crucial task of passing the leadership baton. Whether it involves the next generation, a new board member, or a new hire, successful succession... Read More

Creating Space for Young Leaders to Lead

It is understandable that emerging leaders may feel underprepared. They often are the youngest or newest member of a board or staff, sometimes just starting their professional journeys. Something more powerful than age or experience also is at work, though: Almost to a fault—and, in Exponent Philanthropy’s experience, without exception—young leaders in philanthropy approach their... Read More

Compensating Family Members for Foundation Duties

Can I hire my daughter to staff our family’s foundation? First, determine whether your foundation’s governing documents permit the payment of compensation to a child. As a board member, you should read these documents (i.e., articles of incorporation, bylaws, trust agreement, declaration of trust) first. Also, it is possible that the state law governing your... Read More