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Adopting a Learning Mindset

Learning in philanthropy can happen in any number of ways, from traditional training programs to regular discussions with board members, staff members, or grantees about how things are going and how to get better results. Individuals and organizations with learning mindsets realize that learning is about more than ensuring that grantees are doing what they... Read More

Getting to Impact: Why Evaluation Is Key

For many funders, evaluation conjures up images of jargon, data, and complicated surveys. Evaluation doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. If it builds on the following principles, evaluation can be manageable and meaningful for even the smallest funders: Evaluation is about learning, rather than judging—Evaluation can bring to mind a report card or a feeling... Read More

Impact Is Worth It

It is possible to impact complex and challenging social issues, even with limited time, energy, and resources. The following factors are key to achieving significant impact: Impact takes passion—Many barriers impede impact, but you can overcome them if your heart is engaged. People who care deeply about a cause will press on when challenges seem... Read More

The Path to Impact

In recent years, with support from Exponent Philanthropy, 70 thoughtful, committed member volunteers have explored the path to impact in small-staffed philanthropy and contributed to publications, seminars, and other resources to make achieving impact more accessible to fellow funders. We’re grateful for their ongoing efforts and delighted to share some of the group’s insights here.... Read More

Using Data to Inform Grantmaking

Exponent Philanthropy member Fran Sykes and fellow trustees of The Pascale Sykes Foundation use a mix of state data on school achievement and information from other government agencies to set the foundation’s funding priorities. She points out that others can use similar information too: “Every state has KIDS COUNT. Every state has stats from its... Read More

A Conversation With Experienced Collaborators

Exponent Philanthropy Senior Program Manager Sara Beggs spoke recently with two Exponent Philanthropy members with experience in collaborative models: Emily Tow Jackson of the Tow Foundation and Liz Sak of the Cricket Island Foundation. Tow Jackson has an extensive history with cross-sector collaboration to change the juvenile justice systems in Connecticut and New York. Sak... Read More