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Values-Based Giving During the Great Recession

Given the tremendous and rapid changes in resources and community needs during the Great Recession, foundations reevaluated their work and responded to this new and complex environment. For guidance, some foundations turned to other organizations and experts for recommendations. Others looked inward and used their own missions, values, and histories to respond. What does it... Read More

How to Read Potential Grantees’ Financial Statements

The primary purpose of financial statements is to communicate the financial health of the grantee. A non-accountant should be able to understand a well- written statement. The balance sheet, a statement of position, views a grantee on a specific date. The income statement, a statement of activity, looks at a year’s operating activity. The statement... Read More

Controlling Fees

By relying simply on stated fees, such as management fee or advisory fee, foundation trustees may be underestimating the full impact of the aggregate investment expenses because as there may be other components of investment costs that are not explicitly stated as fees. In the 1990s, when portfolio performance was beating the S&P 500, it... Read More

Giving to Individual Teachers Through a Donor Advised Fund

Stookey grew up and attended elementary school in Marshall, a small town just east of Battle Creek, MI. The year was 1936, and Stookey was a 5th grade student of Vyda Mumby during her second year of teaching. According to Stookey, Mumby “loved teaching; and like anyone doing something they like, she was good at... Read More

Beyond Grantmaking: On-Ramps to Nongrant Strategies

Nongrant work has several major impacts: Providing consulting to a small nonprofit on how to develop its management structure, for example, or enhancing its fundraising or technology systems can add tremendous value to grants that build capacity. Embarking on a more intentional process of learning, scanning, or research accelerates and deepens a funder’s understanding of... Read More