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Looking for Impact in All the Right Places

What are we trying to achieve with our grants? You can answer this question in many ways, and one way to start is with how and what you fund. These components shape your philanthropic orientation, the unique way that your foundation approaches the funding process. The how of your giving hinges on how you choose... Read More

Building Capacity of the Local Nonprofit Community: One Funder’s Story

The Claude W. and Dolly Ahrens Foundation has a mission, vision, and core values. A seven-word motto, though, most succinctly expresses its goal: Leave it better than you found it. Claude W. Ahrens lived by those words, says granddaughter Julie Gosselink, president and CEO of the foundation. In 1993, after a successful career in the... Read More

The Power of Focus: Q&A With Funders

Exponent Philanthropy Senior Program Manager Sara Beggs was joined by Exponent Philanthropy members Janis Reischmann of the Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation and Sheila Leddy of The Fledgling Fund for a conversation about the power of finding a focus. The following text highlights key pieces of their conversation. Beggs: Janis, to start us off, can you... Read More

Focus Your Giving: A Key to Impact

Impact is rarely achieved accidentally or immediately, especially when tackling some of life’s most complex challenges. Although some donors can point to single grants that achieved notable results, the people and causes around the world are especially in need of passionate philanthropists that pursue a particular impact with everything they’ve got. One donor describes the... Read More

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Leveraging Media to Advance Your Philanthropic Goals

Funders of all types and sizes are using strategic communications to advance their philanthropic goals, especially in today’s world that demands increasing transparency. This webinar addressed how thoughtful and strategic media engagement can amplify the impact of your philanthropy and offered tips for engaging media using Exponent Philanthropy’s new Media Toolkit as a guide. Speakers: Rob DiLeonardi, executive... Read More

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Managing Risk to Maximize Impact in Grantmaking

Funders are often described—and describe themselves—as being able to take risks that neither the private sector nor the government can or will take. However, no industry standard currently exists for defining, assessing, and managing risk in philanthropy. Few grantmakers assess risk during the application process and even fewer have processes in place to manage risks... Read More