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The Language of What We Do

How do you describe what you do? Over the past several years I’ve become a fan of words; how we use them and what they mean. This interest was ignited as I listened to a photographer speak about the way people typically describe how he works. What particularly resonated with me was his discussion about... Read More

Why Do We Call Ourselves Grantmakers?

I recently returned to a favorite publication of mine—Small Can Be Effective by Paul Ylvisaker, published first in 1989. I remember thinking it was thoughtful and relevant years ago, and I was particularly taken this time by the discussion of the five roles of small foundations. One of the things that struck me was the... Read More

Small Foundations Embrace Advocacy to Catalyze Change

This post, based on research by Exponent Philanthropy Senior Program Director Andy Carroll, was originally featured on the Bolder Advocacy blog. An initiative of the Alliance for Justice, Bolder Advocacy equips nonprofits and foundations with the knowledge and tools to advocate effectively. People who believe in advocacy as a strategy for change wonder: “How can we encourage more foundations to... Read More

Why We Convene Grantees

The Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation started convening 10 partner grantees with two goals in mind: to provide a space where they could share and learn from one another, and to help them feel excited and renewed. “It started as a way to bring partners together. We thought there would be value in them sharing experiences,... Read More

Convening to Build Capacity

When it comes to learning about important issues and moving the needle in the right direction, convening is a low-cost and high-impact leadership tool you can’t overlook. The Exponent Philanthropy member John Gogian Family Foundation and executive director Lindsey Stammerjohn began convening grantees in 2010 as part of a capacity building initiative. They recognized common struggles that many grantee... Read More

Your Point of View Gives You an Edge

A point of view is a distinctive attitude about philanthropy—what you as a funder believe you can best accomplish, and how to do it. I have noticed that philanthropists who have a point of view are more intentional, more confident, and more bold and daring. They have thought through not only their mission and focus—but... Read More