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Grantmaking Due Diligence: Organizational Budget Size

This post originally appeared on GMA Foundations’ blog. Organizational budget size is a favorite proxy indicator in philanthropy. Donors use rules of thumb to streamline grantmaking due diligence, but generalizations are imperfect. Using organizational budget size as a proxy indicator can reinforce funding inequities and lead to lost opportunity. Here are a few ways to... Read More

Funding Local Arts

The Presser Foundation is the only foundation dedicated solely to funding music organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region. Its holistic approach to grantmaking also makes it unique among funders. The foundation gives to music organizations through special projects, general operating support, and capital support grants. At the same time, it supports music students through undergraduate... Read More

Lessons From a Founder Winding Down Their Foundation

In 1993, well before I left my job as CEO of Applied Materials, my wife Becky and I started our family foundation. Giving brings us joy. At the same time, we thought giving locally was important in Silicon Valley, where great need exists alongside great wealth. Becky and I wanted to identify good nonprofits and... Read More

10 Ways To Right-Size Your Requirements

To right-size your requirements mean tailoring what you require from grantseekers and grantees when they apply for and report on your grants. As an illustration, what you require is proportionate to the size of grant, appropriate for the type of grant, and reflective of any existing relationship with the grantee. In short, right-sizing considers the... Read More

Lean Funders Can Help Nonprofits Tackle Inflation Costs

Families across the country continue to struggle with the rising cost of food, gas, housing, and more. Even Halloween candy prices were up 13% this year! Even more scary: nonprofits are facing the same inflation pressures—and many of them came into 2022 already facing declines in donations, a cliff in pandemic relief support, workforce shortages,... Read More

How To Make Your First Seed Funding Grant

Seed funding is a critical tool in a philanthropist’s impact tool belt. By putting trust and financial support behind your partners’ innovative projects, you can leverage your freedom and risk capital to make a difference. A seed funding grant is a small, initial investment in a new initiative or project. It can reinforce your relationship... Read More