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Lean Funders Can Help Nonprofits Tackle Inflation Costs

Families across the country continue to struggle with the rising cost of food, gas, housing, and more. Even Halloween candy prices were up 13% this year! Even more scary: nonprofits are facing the same inflation pressures—and many of them came into 2022 already facing declines in donations, a cliff in pandemic relief support, workforce shortages,... Read More

How To Make Your First Seed Funding Grant

Seed funding is a critical tool in a philanthropist’s impact tool belt. By putting trust and financial support behind your partners’ innovative projects, you can leverage your freedom and risk capital to make a difference. A seed funding grant is a small, initial investment in a new initiative or project. It can reinforce your relationship... Read More

Using Multiyear Funding to Supercharge Your Grantmaking

Multiyear funding—support that funders commit up-front for multiple years—is a key to strengthening nonprofit effectiveness, capacity, and impact. These grants guarantee income streams, lessening the time grantees need to fundraise so they can better carry out their missions. In a tough economy, when many foundations are cutting grant budgets and reducing their number of grantees,... Read More

Program related investments

Program Related Investments: A Powerful Tool for Grantmakers

Program related investments (PRI) are loans, loan guarantees, or other types of investments made by a foundation to support a charitable purpose. They’re also a powerful and flexible tool to add to your foundation’s toolkit. A PRI can count toward a foundation’s distribution requirement if it meets the following federal criteria: They serve a charitable... Read More

Understanding the Modern Grantee Experience 

Grant applications are an important touchpoint for nonprofits and grantmakers alike. Recently, Blackbaud has been taking a hard look at the modern grantee experience for those who use our portal for grant applications. We wanted to know if the grantee portal afforded our funder clients the flexibility to get the information they needed, while also... Read More

Philanthropic Impact: Key Strategies and Factors

As foundations strive to make meaningful change in support of their missions, understanding what leads to philanthropic impact is crucial. In the 2023 Foundation Operations and Management Report, foundations named insufficient grantmaking impact as one of their top challenges. In this blog, I’ll discuss a few factors that drive impact, as well as strategies for... Read More