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When $100,000 Goes Further Than a Traditional Grant

Many nonprofits across the country struggle with financial viability, according to a recent report based on data provided by GuideStar. The majority have less than one month of operating reserves, and 30% face potential liquidity issues. Nonprofits in the education and health and human services sectors, typically reliant on government contracts and fee-for-service-revenue, operate with... Read More

The Newest Book to Guide—and Challenge—My Philanthropy

Directly across from the standing desk I use is a bookcase. When peering over my monitor, I’m drawn to the top shelf where, kept at eye level, is a stack of books I have read. They sit there as reminders of concepts I want to have right in my face as I work in philanthropy.... Read More

Experience Informs Focus for Making International Grants

Long interested in issues of international development and aid, in 2003 I conducted a qualitative study on Barriers to International Giving by U.S.-based Foundations. Nearly a decade later, the findings from this research are still relevant to funders engaged in or interested in international philanthropy. One of the interesting findings from my research was that... Read More

5 Ways Relationships Matter: Tips From Foundation Executive Directors

For a number of years, it has been our privilege to offer programming and resources geared to the unique needs of foundation executive directors. Most come to this work from outside philanthropy, through a mix of skill and serendipity, and work up, down, and across their organizations, often as sole-staffers or in very small offices.... Read More

Strategies for Educating and Developing Your Board

Educating and developing board members can be a challenge for even the most well-intentioned foundations. Board members’ time and energy can be limited. Longstanding board members can grow increasingly comfortable in their roles and with their colleagues. Grantmaking decisions and general business can easily fill agendas. And yet, we know from our foundation members that... Read More

Why Foundations Should Reconsider Warren Buffett’s Advice

It is a risky proposition to take issue with any advice offered by Warren Buffett. Recently Marc Gunther, a notable philanthropy and sustainability reporter, wrote an article entitled Warren Buffett Has Some Excellent Advice For Foundations That They Probably Won’t Take. In the article, Mr. Gunther quotes part of the renowned investor’s annual letter: “When... Read More