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General Operating Support

“Too often as funders, we force our grantees to embark on new projects because that’s what we’re willing to fund,” says Exponent Philanthropy member Judy Peckham of the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation in Binghamton, NY. “Yet, organizations with good core programs often desperately need funds for administrative costs to keep those programs strong. If... Read More

Funding Fundraising Infrastructure: A Funder’s Examples

My husband and I created The O’Grady Foundation and, after some trial and error, agreed to focus our funding on the arts in our New York City area. Although we support several major arts and cultural institutions in our region, we concentrate our efforts on smaller institutions with annual budgets of $3 million or less.... Read More

Supporting Nonprofit Collaboration: Respectful Ways to Help Your Grantees Accomplish More Together

When initiated from the ground up—from the nonprofits themselves—collaborations can serve communities effectively and efficiently. Strong collaborations maximize nonprofits’ impact by providing administrative stability; decreasing duplication, competition, and overlap of services; and bringing more diverse approaches to complex social and environmental problems. Funders are uniquely positioned to cultivate and support nonprofit collaborations, and to do... Read More

Funders Collaborate to Support Education

Last summer, I read Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, having bought my copy in a New Hampshire bookstore, where the owner just happened to mention, “This book should be in the hands of every high school student in New Hampshire.” Halfway through the book, I understood what she meant... Read More

Eleven Funders Collaborate to Support Ministries

The Rockwell Fund, Inc., a private foundation in Houston, TX, recognized the significant infrastructure needs of local zip code assistance ministries, organizations named for the restrictions they placed on themselves to serve only those within their adjacent zip codes. Although these organizations were providing excellent direct services to the communities, many were lacking the support... Read More

Changing Young Lives Through Scholarships

“We’ve always been interested in young people and their college education,” said Mr. Smyth. While working in Wilmington, DE, he worked with inner-city kids. “That was the real impetus to set up the foundation. When we left Wilmington and retired in Virginia, we decided to create a local scholarship program.” Nelson County, a rural area... Read More