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The Newest Book to Guide—and Challenge—My Philanthropy

Directly across from the standing desk I use is a bookcase. When peering over my monitor, I’m drawn to the top shelf where, kept at eye level, is a stack of books I have read. They sit there as reminders of concepts I want to have right in my face as I work in philanthropy.... Read More

Discretionary Grantmaking: Should Your Foundation Let Members Go Solo?

Foundations typically approach most grants as a team sport, debating their merits and deciding, collectively, whether they’re likely to achieve the foundation’s goals. However, in addition to granting as a group, some foundations give their board and/or family members a portion of funds to donate as individuals. This practice, called discretionary grantmaking, is legally permitted... Read More

Refining Our Foundation’s Capacity Building Framework

For more than two decades, Foellinger Foundation has provided capacity building grants to nonprofits in Allen County, Indiana. We are proud to support the external work those organizations do in our community, and we are equally proud to support the important work they do internally to improve their effectiveness. In 2018, we reflected on the... Read More

Let’s Be Candid About Board Succession Planning

Joe Wilson, founder of the Xerox Corporation, and his wife, Peggy, formed the Wilson Foundation in 1963. A few years ago, we engaged in strategic planning to revisit our giving priorities. At the time, our board had 24 members that spanned three generations, and were spread across the country. In order to achieve our impact... Read More

Making a Big Bet: Moving From Transactional to Transformational Philanthropy

The Lerner Foundation had only been making grants for five years when the winds shifted—the board of directors decided it was time for a profound change in our priorities. Our founding purpose is simple and straightforward: “to further opportunity for the people of Maine.” Manny and Polly Lerner’s broad and hopeful intention gave us the... Read More