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Employment-Related Taxes

Here, step-by-step, is an overview of everything you need to know, file, and pay to get off to a good start with a new staff person. Classify Every person who receives compensation needs to be classified as an employee or a contractor. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has guidelines (in publication 15-A) to help you... Read More

Evaluating Foundation Staff

Regular performance evaluations—at least once a year—can help staff improve their work. The board evaluates the foundation’s lead staff person (i.e., executive director, foundation administrator, CEO). In turn, the lead staff person evaluates other staff members and consultants (as applicable). In some cases, staff members evaluate themselves and then compare their assessments with their supervisor.... Read More

The Makings of Phenomenal Foundation Executive Directors

From masterful communicators to continual learners, phenomenal foundation executive directors share a number of characteristics and skills. Masterful communicators It’s taken me time to feel comfortable communicating from my heart. For many years, I thought of that as less than professional, but I’m learning that part of being an effective communicator is to deliver authentic... Read More

Going Paperless in a Small Foundation Office

Foundations interested in getting rid of all (or some) of their file cabinets and much of the paper that fills them have many options. There are some simple ways to cut back on paper—and many benefits. It’s not all or nothing, of course. Some offices aim to go completely paperless by receiving and distributing information... Read More

Annual Reports

Depending on your foundation’s needs and budget, annual reports can be a short, typed document listing the year’s grants or an elaborately designed and printed publication. Some foundations hire communications consultants to write their annual reports; others do it in-house, typed as a simple one- or two-page letter. Annual reports don’t have to be lavish... Read More

Administrative Expenses: Too Much? Too Little?

From a tax law perspective, a private foundation may pay “reasonable and necessary” administrative expenses—and count them toward its annual distribution requirement—without subjecting the foundation or its managers to a penalty tax. These expenses must be (a) related to the accomplishment of the foundation’s charitable purposes, (b) related to its investments, or (c) payments of... Read More