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Try These 7 Methods to Get to a Giving Focus

Exponent Philanthropy recently revised The Foundation Guidebook, our signature publication for those new to foundations or philanthropy. Below is an excerpt from the 128-page resource. Get your copy >> Many foundations use a combination of methods to settle on a focus. Once you consider the approaches that follow, it is important to recognize when you may... Read More

After 26 Years, What I’ve Learned About Making Catalytic Impact

It is with tremendous gratitude that I come to the end of my 26 years as Executive Director of the Butler Family Fund. It’s been my joy and privilege to work with extraordinary, courageous, innovative, and inspiring advocates and organizations. This constellation of brave people and groups has done so much to make our world... Read More

How to Know You Made a Difference: Grant Impact Reports

Is my giving really making a difference? That is a question that haunts every giver. Every day individuals and foundations make decisions about where to give. Over a million active U.S. charities provide endless opportunities to support big visions and passionate leaders. The difficult task for those of us screening opportunities is how to know... Read More

Five Barriers to Focus and Ways to Push Past Them

In our many conversations with funders, we hear that finding a focus—for all or part of your giving—is the most fundamental step you can take on a journey toward fulfilling philanthropy. Focusing at least part of your giving is not only powerful, it’s critical. Our communities desperately need new solutions to social challenges. We need... Read More

Curiosity as Catalyst for Personal Renewal, Community Transformation

At some point in our life and work, we ask ourselves, Is there more to know? Is there more to experience? Is there more impact or change we can make? It’s not that we’re ungrateful for what we have. It’s that we get restless, frustrated, fatigued. We heard somewhere that philanthropy was about taking risks,... Read More

We Achieve Our Greatest Impact Through Nonprofit Leadership Training

“Whatever may be said about human beings, they are, as a whole, a family.” Our co-founder, Helene Foellinger, stated this publicly in 1954 and cast the vision for the foundation she and her mother would create four years later. They believed that, as individuals and a community, we have a duty to uplift each other... Read More