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Help Us to Expand the Philanthropic Landscape to Support Native Americans

Native American communities are often overlooked. Though they represent nearly 3 percent of the US population, they have historically received roughly 0.5 percent of philanthropic dollars. To help address this, PEAK has been a part of a tribal entities working group, facilitated by TechSoup, to identify and amplify equitable funding practices with respect to Native... Read More

Five Common Characteristics of Effective Nonprofits

Excellent nonprofits are not found. They’re made. As a donor, you can build and strengthen the nonprofits most aligned with your goals. Identifying the impact you want to make will help you narrow the field of potential grantees to those that fit your values, goals and interests. Clarifying your goals also opens opportunities to build... Read More

Payout Requirements: Year-End Tips for Meeting Your Minimum

A private foundation must make annual charitable expenditures, called qualifying distributions, equal to at least 5% of the fair market value of its previous year’s endowment. Thus, a foundation with average assets of $5 million in fiscal year 2022 must make roughly $250,000 of qualifying distributions by the end of its next fiscal year, or December... Read More

Preventing Wire Fraud at Foundations and Family Offices

Wire fraud is a daily danger. Cyber-security filters may stop 90%+ of attempts, but some still get through. For international clients, efforts are especially focused when US, European and Asian bank holidays are out of sync. Scammers want to prevent you from verbally verifying a wire request, since the requester’s office is closed. Here are other... Read More

More Lean Funders Should Consider General Operating Support

When funders give general operating support, also known as gen op grants, they help sustain a nonprofit’s mission, rather than specific programs or projects. Grantees can use these funds to strengthen the organization, or further its charitable purpose as they see fit. This might mean salaries and overhead, investing in technology, furthering fundraising efforts, or... Read More