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Planting Seeds for Organizational Financial Health and Independence

Over the past few years throughout the social sector, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented number of what many have termed, transformational gifts. These contributions span widely. Depending on the size of the recipient organization, they range from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars across a broad range of institutions and issues. However, their... Read More

Next Generation Philanthropy: Where To Start

Next generation philanthropy. No matter how you define the next generation, many foundations struggle to engage this subset into their philanthropy. “The most important thing is to treat young people as equals at the board table,” says Susan Price from the National Center for Family Philanthropy. “They don’t know everything the older generation knows, but... Read More

Lean Funders Can Help Nonprofits Tackle Inflation Costs

Families across the country continue to struggle with the rising cost of food, gas, housing, and more. Even Halloween candy prices were up 13% this year! Even more scary: nonprofits are facing the same inflation pressures—and many of them came into 2022 already facing declines in donations, a cliff in pandemic relief support, workforce shortages,... Read More

When and How to Partner with Philanthropic Advisers

To paraphrase the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, it’s easy to give away money. However, it’s much more difficult to know how and where to give it. Anyone who has managed a grantmaking program understands. Granting money is not difficult. Doing it effectively is another story. That’s why many leanly staffed foundations often enlist philanthropic advisers—organizations... Read More

Unravelling the Mysteries of Investment Fees

Investment fees intertwine with market ups and downs, and both are integral to a foundation’s investment strategy. In low-return environments, higher fees could be a hindrance to higher return, but they might be necessary to reach to that higher return. It is more important than ever to be aware of the fees and costs so... Read More

Annual Board To-Dos: The Must-Have Checklist for Running a Foundation

What’s on the agenda for your board this year? Are you covering the bases of good governance? Maintaining a checklist of annual to-dos can be an easy way to keep your foundation up to date and on-track. A checklist for your board can serve as a reminder of your legal obligations and governance best practices.... Read More