Foundation Uses Technology Know-How to Make an Impact for Grantees

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Los Angeles-based commercial real estate investor Alan C. Fox will proudly tell you of the “family business” of philanthropy that involves four generations, from his father to his grandchildren, as well as extended family, business colleagues, and retired experts who volunteer from time to time on special projects.

The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation was established by Alan in 1999—named in honor of his mother—and, by 2003, the foundation was ready to start a grantmaking program for educational and literacy programs to maximize the potential of children and youths.

That same year, the foundation crafted values to guide its work, with its trademark value being “the right effort, being put in the right place, at the right time, to obtain exceptional results with maximum efficiency.”

But what is the right effort? A site visit started the wheels in motion.

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