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Board Meeting Requirements and Strategies

Great board meetings are achievable. Following a few legal requirements plus tried-and-true strategies can create an environment and a process for efficient, enjoyable foundation board meetings. Legal requirements For incorporated foundations, different states have different legal requirements for: Notice—States regulate how much notice needs to be given of meetings, and in what format. Typically this... Read More

Working Together From a Distance

If your board becomes geographically dispersed, don’t let it daunt you. With the challenges come opportunities to fine-tune your foundation and address the dispersion in creative ways. Strategy 1: Revisit your foundation’s mission Geographic dispersion is a much bigger challenge than just keeping trustees in touch. It often calls into question the future of your... Read More

The Perpetuity Debate

For more than a century, philanthropists have debated whether a foundation should exist in perpetuity. Attitudes on this issue likewise vary among Exponent Philanthropy members. The following aims to provide a balanced summary of both arguments. Continue in perpetuity Donor intent—Many foundations were created to exist in perpetuity; spending now would go against the donor’s... Read More

Technology Tools for Foundation Boards

To identify the technology that fits your foundation best, you’ll want to survey your board’s needs and the ever-changing technology resources available. You’ll also want to arm yourself with a good sense of your board’s tech-related strengths and shortcomings, working styles, and budget. Talking with other foundations about what works for them also may help.... Read More