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Why Our Small Foundation Gives Internationally

Why does Atkinson Foundation, a small-staffed funder, engage in grantmaking abroad? Locally we can make site visits, but that’s usually impossible when the project is in the Bolivian highlands, the Moroccan desert, the Brazilian rainforest, or a rural village in Eritrea or Honduras. Yet, overseas grants justify one-fifth of our foundation’s grantmaking and at least... Read More

Using Donor Advised Funds

Together with private foundations, donor advised funds (DAFs) are among the most commonly used vehicles for charitable giving. DAFs are accounts held within and managed by another organization, namely, a public charity known as a sponsoring organization. Like private foundations, DAFs offer substantial flexibility to the donor. DAF holders may choose a one-time donation or... Read More

Supporting Start-Ups

For foundations, supporting start-ups comes with challenges, including taking risks on unproven ideas and helping to build organizations from the ground up. Your small foundation colleagues who fund start-ups, though, say that this extra commitment is anything but a negative. It can be incredibly rewarding—both personally and professionally. Take The Lynch Foundation in Boston. Founded... Read More

Supporting Nonprofit Leaders

To kick-start your thinking about leadership at the organizations you fund: Start by building trust—To assess leadership well requires an honest dialogue between funder and nonprofit, and building the trusting relationship that facilitates such dialogue takes time. To build trust, be forthright in your communications with nonprofits and clear about your expectations. Make your grant... Read More

Supporting Nonprofit Collaboration

When it works, collaboration in any form is a powerful tool for enhancing organizational capacity. It can keep lone organizations strong and sustainable over time. In a sector in which services often are duplicated, collaboration can streamline efforts and produce better results. In his report Real Collaboration: A Guide for Grantmakers, David La Piana lists... Read More