Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy

Private foundations are permitted to pay for or reimburse ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in carrying out their activities, including the costs of travel by board members. These expenses typically include travel expenses for board meetings or philanthropy conferences, long-distance telephone expenses for conference calls, and expenses incurred while going on site visits (e.g., mileage,... Read More

Officers and Leadership

The full board generally is responsible for shared leadership of the foundation. The board ensures clarity of purpose and goals, and assesses and implements the best approach to get the work done. Officers, in particular, are responsible for broad oversight and general leadership. The foundation may choose to have any officer positions that serve it... Read More

Facilitation: Tools of the Trade for Grantmakers

Facilitation can and should be a key component of any grantmaker’s toolbox. According to Exponent Philanthropy members, a well-facilitated meeting: Sticks to an agenda Progresses smoothly Gets results Draws folks out Engages participants well Dissipates tense situations Increases participants’ buy-in Creates a space in which participants feel valued and important The ability to confidently and... Read More

Expectations of Board Members

Foundation board members are expected to: Set and adjust the direction for the foundation: its mission and goals. Establish principles, policies, and procedures that govern the foundation’s operation and advance its mission. Oversee the foundation to ensure that it operates effectively and efficiently in support of the mission, and that it complies with legal rules.... Read More