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Donor Intent

Documenting and following donor intent is of concern not only to family foundations but to independent foundations, corporate foundations, community foundations, and operating foundations. Some donors have specific criteria they wish the foundation follow for its lifetime, whereas other donors want the foundation to be flexible in responding to future needs. As a result, understanding... Read More

Considering Trustee Compensation

All foundations rely on trustees for leadership, oversight, and planning. Many small foundations also rely on trustees for a considerable amount of the labor needed to run a foundation. To acknowledge the crucial role that trustees play in governance and operations, some foundations compensate for routine board service, such as attending meetings, reviewing proposals, and... Read More

Board Retreats

A board retreat can be an excellent way to spend time on an issue too significant or time intensive to be handled properly within a normal meeting agenda. Many foundations hold board retreats on occasion (ranging from every year to every few years) to ensure that the board addresses important topics, such as the foundation’s... Read More