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Is This Self-Dealing? Three Quick Questions To Ask

No topic within private foundation rules raises as many questions and concerns as self-dealing. To ensure that foundation assets are used for charitable purposes rather than private benefit, the self-dealing rules prohibit a range of transactions between private foundations and their insiders, called disqualified persons. The self-dealing rules are broad and absolute. There are no... Read More

What the Law Requires When Making Grants

The law requires very little when making grants to most domestic public charities. Other than knowing a grantee’s tax status—your foundation has a great deal of flexibility. However, I regularly encounter funders, foundation staff and professional advisors who do not know this. What the Law Requires When Making Grants A few years ago, Project Streamline... Read More

Grantmaking for Equity: Essential, Fundamental Practices

This fundamental set of practices is a great place for funders to start advancing racial equity in philanthropy. That said, these actions are just the beginning. They complement a continual journey of learning about systemic racism. Equitable Grantmaking Practices Eliminate Barriers to Entry Don’t impose a minimum organizational size or budget in your grant guidelines. Instead,... Read More