Advocacy Field Guide for Lean Funders

Funders with few or no staff are perfectly positioned to fund and engage in advocacy by leveraging their close relationships and putting their powerful assets to use. This field guide is a set of 7 practical, field-tested steps for funding and engaging in advocacy, a great starting point for lean funders.

The Foundation Guidebook

Small or large, new or established, your foundation can be a lasting expression of who you are and make an impact for years to come. The Foundation Guidebook provides the baseline knowledge you need for running a foundation and get to the really important work of making a difference.

The Trustee Handbook

This handbook is designed specifically for trustees of small foundations with few or no staff. It is a comprehensive resource that features detailed guidance on important topics for every board member and trustee.



In this carefully curated, 12-page publication featuring top content from our blog, you’ll find advice and inspiration on a single theme penned by fellow members, trusted colleagues, and our expert staff.

Use this exclusive member benefit to focus your thinking or spark conversations with others who share in your giving. Look for new issues 3-4 times yearly online and in print (mailed automatically to each primary member contact).


Foundation Operations and Management Report

The premier benchmarking resource for foundations with few or no staff and includes mission-critical statistics about member foundations’ boards & governance, investments, administration, and grantmaking. This also includes the latest salary and benefits benchmarking data.

Spotlight Reports

Exponent Philanthropy’s Spotlight Reports shine a light on our members’ practices. Grounded in research, survey data, and interviews with funders, these reports highlight some of the strongest approaches within lean philanthropy.