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Lean Funders Are Adjusting Their Grantmaking and Operations to Respond to COVID-19: Week of April 13

On Friday, April 10, Exponent Philanthropy hosted a fourth live discussion for lean funders to share how they are responding to COVID-19. We will continue to host these discussions every Friday at 2 PM ET to give all lean funders the opportunity to connect around their responses. We are also compiling COVID-19 information and resources relevant to lean... Read More

Reflections on COVID-19

Many years ago, Sister Janice of the Sisters of Notre Dame advised me to “never confuse the expression of religion with the essence of religion.” Amid Passover, Easter, and Ramadan, her words ring truer now than ever as COVID-19 makes us reassess how we celebrate these holy days. This Passover, a computer monitor was center... Read More