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Moving Towards Racial Equity in Philanthropy: Developing a Shared Language

Philanthropy relies on the amassed wealth of families and institutions that have benefited from systemic racism. As a result, the institution has a power imbalance in where funds go and what organizations and initiatives receive support. Developing a deeper understanding of institutional racism in the United States can help lean funders dismantle the harmful practices... Read More

2023 Racial Equity in Lean Foundations

Incorporating Allyship Into Your Philanthropy Using interviews with lean funders and foundations and data from the Foundation Operations and Management Report and other surveys, this report focuses on the relevance of racial equity to our members’ missions and board and staff demographics. It shows how racial equity relates to good governance, grantmaking, and investment practices,... Read More

Journeys to Equity: Becoming A Better Ally

This two-part series will be offered on June 12-13, 2024. Whitney Parnell, founder/CEO of Service Never Sleeps (SNS), will facilitate this powerful program, offer guidance to participants, and create an environment where connections can be made with each other. The allyship training is an empowering way to promote racial equity and justice as a lifestyle.... Read More

Racial Equity in Lean Foundations

Closing the Gap Between Intention and Impact Collected through FOMR data, surveys, and interviews with members, this report centers on the relevance of racial equity to our members’ mission, as well as their board and staff demographics. We also describe how racial equity relates to good governance, grantmaking, and investment practices. Why Racial Equity in... Read More

Grantmaking for Equity: Essential, Fundamental Practices

Grantmakers must be intentional about equity and inclusion within their boards, governance, and funding efforts to make an outsized and lasting impact in their communities and issue areas. Equitable Grantmaking Practices This fundamental set of practices is an excellent place for funders to start advancing racial equity in philanthropy. That said, these actions are just... Read More

How Can Lean Funders Proactively Advance Racial Equity? Don’t Go It Alone

Recently, efforts to incorporate antiracism into philanthropic work have surged. What does this mean for lean funders who may not have the capacity to launch major initiatives? At Brady Education Foundation, we focus on addressing disparities in educational opportunities associated with race, ethnicity, and family income. Our mission is clearly aligned with racial equity work.... Read More