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The Role of Alternative Investments in Foundation Investing

In Exponent Philanthropy’s 2016 Foundation Operations and Management Report, only 10% of respondents report investing in “alternative” strategies. These investments include commodities, real estate, hedge funds, and private equity, and they are increasingly seen as a way to mitigate the volatility of stocks and bonds. Learn what these asset classes represent, why and how to include... Read More

Staff Biographies

Cynthia Schaal Interim CEO Email Cynthia As the Interim CEO, Cynthia leads the staff to execute the mission, vision, and values of Exponent Philanthropy through the overall management and stewardship of day-to-day administration, internal culture, external relationships, and strategic plan implementation. Cynthia received her undergraduate degree in Russian from Georgetown University and her master’s degree... Read More

PRIs: Smart Grants for Down Markets

Program related investments (PRIs) are a special type of grant that gained popularity during the Great Recession to preserve endowment assets while pursuing a charitable mission. PRIs are program tools like grants and should not be confused with other forms of socially responsible investing in which producing financial return is a priority. How does a... Read More

Organizations That Simplify the PRI Process

Essentially, a program related investment (PRI) is a loan or investment that counts toward a foundation’s 5% distribution requirement. Rather than funds permanently leaving the corpus of the foundation, the funds go out, do good, and come back to be used again. One relatively easy way to make PRIs is to invest in community development... Read More

Finding Focus, Honoring Values

The past 10 years have been exciting ones for the Hill-Snowdon Foundation and the Snowdon family. For 40 years prior, we acted as a typical family foundation, coming together once a year to nominally approve grants recommended by family members. We funded some wonderful organizations reflecting the varied interests of the family, but you would... Read More

Creating Grant Guidelines

By communicating openly, you can build good relationships with potential partners from the start—and quickly help others move on to other funders. “It’s important to remember that our success as grantmakers depends on our grantees’ success,” says Exponent Philanthropy member Christine Elbel of The Fleishhacker Foundation. “If we can improve our processes, we’re contributing to... Read More