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Integrating Feminism Into Philanthropy

For society to advance the cause of gender equity, intersectional feminism must become part of the mainstream narrative and mindset. Philanthropy is our opportunity to be change agents, so that this statistic increases: Just 1.9% of philanthropic dollars go toward women and girls, according to the “The Women and Girls Index: Measuring Giving to Women... Read More

Member Blogging Guidelines

Blog Objectives Our blog objectives come from our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan: Amplify and increase the impact of lean funders. Build a broader and deeper Exponent Philanthropy community through sharing and collaboration. Maximize our relevance and accessibility to a variety of funders. Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in philanthropy. Blog Audience Those interested in philanthropy, who may... Read More

How Humanities Organizations Can Help Us Heal More Equitably

Can we recover from the pandemic while becoming a more equitable society? Food, housing and financial security are rightly our philanthropic priorities right now. Yet, our country is calling on us to heal persistent divides and right structural wrongs. Humanities organizations could play a pivotal role. The humanities suffer benign neglect in philanthropy. Many funders... Read More

Part 1: How Funders Can Strengthen Connections To Community; Seeing Your Community and Navigating Relationships

As practitioners, advisors and consultants to funders, conveners and conductors of community collaboration, we have observed collaboration and collective impact in communities across the country. From our on-the-ground experience, we have seen it done well, and not so well. In this first of a two-blog series, we’ll provide several guideposts about how funders can better... Read More

Summer 2020: Paradigm Shifts

Our highly rated quarterly publication for members provides a wealth of information and inspiration in one easy read. In this issue: Understanding Racial Bias in Philanthropic Funding Today Grantmaking for Equity: Essential, Fundamental Practices Working With the State and Other Funders to Address COVID-19 Racial Health Equity in Louisiana What Should Philanthropy Do? Excerpted from... Read More

Spotlight Reports

Grounded in research, survey data, and interviews with funders, these spotlight reports highlight some of the strongest approaches in lean philanthropy. A Leanly Staffed Funder’s Guide to Foundation Investing Every foundation wants a thoughtful, disciplined investment process that aligns with its purpose and goals. This guide helps you quickly understand the different aspects of foundation... Read More