Our Annual Conference

After much deliberation and conversation, we have decided that our annual conference in October will not be held in Anaheim as scheduled due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

While none of us could have imagined when we opened registration for the 2020 Annual Conference that we would be facing this decision, we more committed than ever to ensure that you get the most out of the critical resources you invest in our events.

Visit our program calendar often, as there will be a number of different programs each month, where we can connect and grow together throughout the year.


Every year, lean funders from across the country gather in-person to:

…learn from each other.
…share what they are doing.
…be inspired.
…see friends.
…make friends.
…ask questions.
…find solutions.
…focus on their giving.
…evaluate their practices.
…build their network.
…discover their potential.
…and feel the strength and energy of our community.

Unlike any other conference, our community’s Annual Conference is designed specifically for and by lean funders—those who give with few or no staff. This is your chance to make connections, let your guard down, and talk about the challenges and issues affecting the communities and causes you care about most.

Our reputation for providing timely and relevant educational content for staff, donors, and trustees at all levels of experience and serving all types of foundations is the result of years of working with and listening to lean funders from across the country and sector. As a member-led organization, we understand what it means to give up time and money to participate in the Annual Conference and we are committed to ensuring that you get the most out of the critical resources you invest in our event.