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How Lean Funders Incorporate Racial Equity Into Their Work

Exponent Philanthropy recently launched, Mind the Gap: Exploring the Role of Diversity and Racial Equity in Leanly Staffed Foundations. To develop this publication, we talked with members about how their foundations incorporate racial equity into their work. We learned a lot from these one-on-one conversations. Moreover, hearing members talk to one another about their racial... Read More

Getting Started on the Journey to Equity and Inclusion

This post originally appeared on the Foundant Technologies blog. Last fall, we asked our clients to share the work they’re doing in the areas of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. No surprise, they went above and beyond. We are inspired by their responses and follow up conversations, and look forward to sharing these stories with... Read More

Lean Funders Reflect on 2020 and Race Equity

Last year was riddled with loss. The pandemic changed how many funders practice philanthropy; and the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other Black, Indigenous and people of color by police—and the ensuing protests—put race equity front and center for many funders. While some lean funders had already integrated race equity into their work,... Read More

Spotlight Report
Building Equity Into your Foundation’s DNA

Funders are being asked to show how they are addressing social inequities by specifying what they do and how they are doing it—as well as who they are. How does philanthropy begin to embed equity into grantmaking, policies, and culture? Healthy Communities Foundation has been on a journey to address this question by advancing health... Read More

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Racial Equity Investing: Opportunities for Foundations

As the damaging impact of centuries of structural inequity and prejudice comes to the forefront of our national conversation, many members of the philanthropic community have leveraged their grantmaking to empower organizations that are working on the frontlines to bring balance to an unjust system. In this webinar with Glenmede, Essma Bengabsia will share the... Read More

Orange County Grantmakers: Our Equity Journey

Equity is a buzzword heard seemingly everywhere these days. For some, equity is about opportunity. For others, it’s the full inclusion of an entire region’s residents in the economic, social and political life of the area. In the nonprofit and philanthropic space, equity is undeniably central to our mission, despite its varying definitions. Commissioning an... Read More