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Webinar Recording
Journeys to Equity

We invite you to join us to explore the different approaches lean funders can take to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your work. Hear from peers about what their journey has been like, and reflect on how to adopt these practices to amplify your impact. Our goal is that you leave this program inspired... Read More

3 Immediate Steps Funders Can Take To Move Towards Racial Equity

We discussed how philanthropy can start to advance racial equity in the first two parts of this blog series: Developing a Shared Language and Introducing an Anti-Racist Intersectional Frame. Now, here are three steps that lean funders can take to start doing racial equity work in real time: 1. Look internally Before trying to deepen... Read More

Moving Towards Racial Equity in Philanthropy: Developing a Shared Language

Philanthropy relies on the amassed wealth of families and institutions that have benefited from systemic racism. As a result, the institution has a power imbalance in where funds go and what organizations and initiatives receive support. Developing a deeper understanding of institutional racism in the United States can help lean funders dismantle the harmful practices... Read More