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Using Multiyear Funding to Supercharge Your Grantmaking

Multiyear funding—support that funders commit up-front for multiple years—is a key to strengthening nonprofit effectiveness, capacity, and impact. These grants guarantee income streams, lessening the time grantees need to fundraise so they can better carry out their missions. When many foundations are cutting grant budgets and reducing their number of grantees, committing scarce funds for... Read More

Foundation Advocacy Intensive: Develop Your Policy Acumen

Are you ready to join other lean funders and take advantage of foundations’ freedom to fund and engage in advocacy? Do your grantees talk about how influencing policy could create fundamental breakthroughs and positive changes for the people they serve, how advocacy can advance equity, or how policy changes can solve the environmental problems they... Read More

Data on Family Foundations from the 2024 Foundation Operations & Management Report

According to Fidelity Charitable, a private family foundation is “a type of private foundation set up by a family, funded with the family’s assets and often run by family members who can also participate in its charitable grantmaking.” Our annual Foundation Operations and Management Report (FOMR) gives insights into the grantmaking, operations, and management of... Read More

Integrating Feminism Into Philanthropy

For society to advance gender equity, intersectional feminism must become part of the mainstream narrative and mindset. Philanthropy is our opportunity to be change agents, so that this statistic increases: Just 1.9% of philanthropic dollars go toward women and girls, according to the “The Women and Girls Index: Measuring Giving to Women and Girls” from the... Read More

The Case for Funding Collaboratives

While the U.S. Census happens only once per decade, New York State is already working to build the nonprofit infrastructure for a successful 2030 count. This effort is led by the New York State Census Equity Fund — a group formed in 2017 by a coalition of funders who came together to create a statewide,... Read More

Key Insights from the 2024 Foundation Operations and Management Report

Exponent Philanthropy is proud to release the latest edition of the Foundation Operations and Management Report (FOMR). This premier benchmarking resource offers mission-critical statistics on grantmaking, boards and governance, investments, and administration—including salary and benefits—for foundations with few or no staff. This blog has an interesting or important finding from each section of our 2024 report.... Read More