August 2012 Resources

Ask Your Way to Impact: Funder Dialogue

By Lindsay Matush, The Brown Sisters Foundation How can a small foundation with a limited grantmaking budget leverage its resources to make an even greater impact? This first post in our 3-part series shares questions to ask other funders in the pursuit of impact. The second shares questions for nonprofits; the third explores the value of foundation... Read More

The Language of What We Do

By Henry Berman, ASF How do you describe what you do? Over the past several years I’ve become a fan of words; how we use them and what they mean. This interest was ignited as I listened to a photographer speak about the way people typically describe how he works. What particularly resonated with me... Read More

A Perfect Role for Foundations: Finding and Spreading Solutions

By Andy Carroll, ASF One of the most sought-after goals in philanthropy is finding effective solutions to society’s problems. Foundations are well positioned to accomplish this. Free from the pressure of pleasing customers, voters, and shareholders, foundations can focus their money and knowledge on supporting people and organizations testing new approaches to pressing social and... Read More