Synchronize Your Foundation

There was a time not so long ago that nearly all philanthropists, as well as many others, carried a mechanical watch. Prior to cell phones, digital watches, and electrical quartz watches, the mechanical watch was a true marvel—a complex assembly of springs, gears, jewels, pins, and other components. Winding a watch transmits energy into a... Read More

Outsized Impact Award Nominee: Danielle Garbe Reser

Danielle Garbe Reser’s creative thinking is bringing additional philanthropic capital to her region’s underserved rural nonprofit leaders. Sherwood Trust is the largest discretionary funder in southeast Washington State, but even its roughly $1 million each year is not enough to meet local needs in its rural region. With an estimated 19% of the U.S. population... Read More

Outsized Impact Award Nominee: Jennifer Astone

Jennifer Astone is leading her small-staffed foundation to move its assets in strategic ways and documenting the journey for peers. From 2013–2018, under Jen’s leadership as executive director, Swift Foundation moved from investing 13.5% to 36% of its portfolio in climate solutions including clean energy access, sustainable food and agriculture, sustainable forestry, and more. One-third... Read More